Comfort World Cup


Dear WAKO Friends,

This May we welcome you, athletes, coaches, referees and anyone interested to the WAKO Kick-Box World Cup in Budapest.

This is the 25th World Cup and it is held in Budapest for the 4th time. Since this is the silver jubilee of this event, the Hungarian Kick-Box Association is organising a grand event, which we hope will be an unforgettable experience for the participants. We are doing our best to provide the most suitable circumstances for the traditionally high-standard matches and to make sure the event proceeds smoothly during the three days of the competition.

There is another thing that makes this year’s World Cup even more special, which is the fact that this will now be the IOC-recognized World Association’s highlighted event.

This comes with heavy responsibilities, we are aware of that. An IOC-recognized World Association cannot afford to present a badly-organised, weak world event, so here in Budapest we pay doubled attention to the adequate preparation of the World Cup.

It has taken the WAKO long years and decades to achieve this and we would like to contribute to its future successes with another large-scale event.

In the light of these thoughts I repeat our invitation: Come to Budapest, as many of you as possible!

Together we can give another boost to the future of our sport!


Peter Galambos

President of WAKO HungarySincerely,

Zsolt Moradi, Gabor Juhasz, Istvan Kiraly, Krisztian Jaroszkievicz


Istvan Kiraly – Vice President of WAKO Europe
Gabor Juhasz – Vice President of WAKO Hungary
Krisztian Jaroszkievicz – 9x WAKO World Champion
Zsolt Moradi – 10x WAKO World Champion